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an MA Graphic Design project exploring language and imagery, trying to visualise philosophy in a seductive way

Visualising Philosophy

Delivering ready made answers to the world's questions seems as unappealing as sitting down to read a book today, which is why this project tries to visually provoke deep elastic thought and philosophical ideas.

I turn philosophy into entertainment, an experience, confusion, a visual stimulation to widen the brain with typography, tactile objects and naked skin in between wisdom and provocation.

Editorial Design

A philosophical magazine which uses a minimal amount of text to shake the viewer and his believe systems up in an aesthetically pleasing way, which hits you with a rewarding feeling of understanding every now and then.

Paper 3D Printing, Stopmotion

Existence is illusory and it is eternal. A pineapple is peeled out of a block of office paper which has been printed with a statement by the absurd philosopher Albert Camus on 500 sheets.

Poster Zine Collection, Risography

Philosophy is an activity of taking things apart and reassembling them later. This is an alphabet of philosophical terms, deconstructed in little zines letter by letter, illustrated with erotic photography and printed with a risograph.

Animated Gifs

What happens if you accelerate philosophy to the maximum speed we can take information in? This is a speed reading experiment that takes away time for contemplation.

Large Format Analogue Photography

Experimenting with analogue large format photography, this series explores the analogy between philosophy and drugs - the feeling of being high and deeply affected by an idea.

Print on Sugarpaper

A dark typographical play to deliever the concept of nothingness in a fun way

Paper 3D Printing, Video

It is the placement of words make a piece of writing a piece of art, design, or communication. I have filmed myself transcribing the Communist Manifesto with pen onto a paper 3D print of Karl Marx which has been generated using photogrammetry of his sculture at his grave in London.


Visualising Philosophy is my MA Graphic Design project at Middlesex University in London. It combines my love for philosophy with the longing for simpliciy and beautiful design.

I explore language and explain philosophy with visuals that are more than an illustration of the words, delivered in a range of different media, from analogue large format photography, 3D printing, risography to laser cutting.

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