Transcribing the Communist Manifesto onto Karl Marx

Photogrammetry, 3D Print, Video

Most workers feel a disconnection between what they do all day and who they feel they really are - Karl Marx sums this up as a feeling of alienation.

He criticises machinery as an instrument for increasing the productivity of labour. He wrote in the 19th century that machines and new technology doesn’t liberate the people but enslaves them. There is something cynical about making an all machine build a sculpture of Karl Marx.

I've 3D scanned his sculpture at Highgate Cemetery in London using photogrammetry and reconstructed and resculpted his head based on 200 photos and created a paper 3D replication.

Adding human generated handwritten typography onto his machine produced head I transcribed his Communist Manifesto onto the block of paper he was cut out of and documented myself in a 3 hours long video where the viewer can read the manifesto while I am writing it onto the paper.