One page poster zines, risograph

From a deconstructivist view we can’t know an absolute truth and there is no secure objectivity. Meaning and thought is based on the structure of language. Jaques Derrida claims that meaning breaks apart the closer you look at texts and philosophy itself is an activity of taking apart things and reassembling it later.

Philosophy is not destructive and doesn’t dismantle without reassembling it. Derrida claimed that we can’t help but reassemble. We can’t destroy the truth, only create doubt, wonder and suspicion, which these 26 philosophical poster zines do.

The high jargon density found in traditional philosophical writing has been deconstructed, simplified, turned upside down and put in between a world of erotic images which stimulates the human brain. We respond to nothing as powerful as to naked bodies and sexual attraction. Our brains loose self control under influence of this kind of stimulation.

It makes us defenceless, like when eating processed food with additional sweeteners which we become addictive to. Then you inevitably get confronted with bitesized philosophy - questions, definitions, provocations.